Academic Year


Students of 15 years of age may apply to participate in a long-term programme in Britain from 3 to 10 months during the British academic year. According to your age and language ability, you are placed in a local school or college. The upper age limit is 18 years.


Day School:


During this period you will share the every day life of a British family. Your immersion in the British language and culture will be total. You will develop linguistic fluency; you will be more independent, tolerant, enthusiastic and confident in your studies.


Boarding School:


You will stay in the boarding school environment and enjoy both the academic and social programmes offered by the school or College. A guardian will be appointed for you to offer advice and encouragement to you whilst away from your home country. Host families can be arranged for the holidays if you do not wish to return home during this time.




In British law, all students under 16 years and staying more than one month must have a guardian to act in ‘loco parentis’. This will be automatically arranged for you. Your guardian will monitor your host family (day students), liaise with the pastoral services (boarding schools), Visit you once a term, liaise with the school, your parents and host family over welfare and academic matters. Help you with travel details and generally be available to offer you support.




Day/Boarding Schools: Greater London, Surrey, Hampshire, Brighton, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Yorkshire, Scotland, Wales.


Programme Starting Dates:


It is best to start school in September, but you can join at the beginning of any term. However you must complete your application 1 term before your arrival, i.e. application must be completed by 31st March 2002 for entry in September 2002.


Programme Length:


In Britain the educational year starts in September and is as follows:

·                 September - December (Autumn Term)

·                 January - March (Spring Term)

·                 April - July (Summer Term)


Actual dates will depend on the individual school, on average terms are 13 weeks in duration. You may choose one, two, or three terms. These must be booked on application. It may not be possible to extend a stay once you arrive.




The Academic Year Programme is open to all school aged students from 15 - 18 years on arrival.


Admission Requirements:


·                 Minimum of two years English Language studies to Intermediate level.

·                 Academic records of above average standard. Exemplary behavioural record.

·                 To be able to operate in an English speaking environment which includes being able to participate fully in the life of the school.

·                 Ability to adapt and learn from a new culture and language.

·                 Willingness to take responsibility for their own learning experience.



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