Work Experience


Many European University students must participate in a compulsory period of work experience in an English speaking country in order to qualify for their University Diploma or Degree. We are able to offer placements throughout Britain for student's aged 19 & over with minimum level of education of Baccalaureate plus one year of further education.

Students apply for Work experience in the field, which they have studied. Every effort is made to accommodate the student's requirements. The minimum placement is 8 weeks; the maximum placement is 26 weeks, excluding intensive language course if required.

Students must be between 19 and 27 years of age and have at least an intermediate level of English. An application form will be sent on request and should be returned 6 weeks before the student intends to arrive. An interview personally or by telephone will be organised before arrival.

Accommodation is on a half board basis with carefully selected host families. On arrival, the students receive an 'orientation session' and remain closely supervised by both accommodation officers and work supervisors, these are approachable by the student should they require assistance during their stay. Students may not receive payment for their work. However some companies may offer travelling or meal allowances.

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